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Baden Bond: Missing toddler taken to park and left by father, court documents reveal

Baden Bond Police believe Baden Bond was murdered by his parents check that Dina Colleen Bond and Shane Arthur Simpson shortly before they moved to New South Wales in 2007. The pair were arrested and charged earlier this year. During a bail application in the Supreme Court on Thursday it was revealed Bond had a history of drug abuse and had used amphetamines and marijuana for the past 20 years. Documents filed to the court showed Bond admitted to using speed five days prior to Baden's birth and drug screenings conducted the day after his birth confirmed he had drugs in his urine. The documents also show Simpson was interviewed by police in March this year and told them he took Baden to a park along the Logan River in Beenleigh and left him there. He told police Baden was alive when he took him there but the park was deserted and he anticipated Baden would be found by someone else. Simpson explained to police that he told Bond he had given their son to his family to make it easier on them and she had accepted that explanation. Bond's lawyers argued during her bail application that the Crown's case was weak and there was a lack of direct evidence that she had any direct involvement in the assumed death of the child. The last confirmed sighting of Baden was on March 27, 2007 and within months the family had moved to New South Wales.

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